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Responsive Web design

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What is responsive web design?

Websites that respond to every screen size.

Modern websites should be completely flexible and automatically adjust to the multitude of different screens they can be viewed on.

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Why is it important?

Mobile is everywhere.

According to Statcounter, mobile browsing was over 79% vs desktop at only just under 19% from December 2019 - December 2020.

That means that if your site isn't mobile-friendly, chances are you're missing out on a fair portion of potential business when frustrated customers leave your website and look for something they can view more comfortably on their phone.

So it's up to you - do you think your website should be responsive?

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How can we help?

Solving problems with responsive web design is what we do.

At Calbie Creative all our websites are created, not with responsiveness in mind, but to BE completely responsive. So no matter what device your customer visits your website on, they'll see it displayed beautifully.

There's no doubt: this is our passion. That means we're not satisfied until we can be proud of the result. It also means that you'll always get more than you paid for.

That means less frustration for your customers, more eyes on your site for longer and more potential business and revenue.

See our work.

Our process in 3 steps

Step 1: Meet + discover

It'll be nice to meet you.

The first step in any relationship is meeting one another and finding mutual ground. This initial step is where we'll find out what problem needs to be solved and how we can best go about doing it for you.

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Step 2: sitemap & wireframes

The foundation and framework.

Any good building must be built on a solid foundation. In this next step, we'll draw up the blueprint for your website - the sitemap. This will give you a top-level view of what your website is going to look like. Next, wireframes are drawn up that give a very basic view of what the design of the site will look like and create a framework that can more easily be translated into a finished product.

Once all is approved, it's on to step 3...

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Step 3: Build & Launch!

Build... Final checks... and GO!

Once the framework has been approved, development begins. Once the site has been built, optimized and everything checked to make sure it's all responsive and meets our quality standards, we're ready to launch!

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Website pricing is worked out on a case by case basis and depends on many factors that can drastically change a website's price.

Further complicating this is international pricing in local currencies. For a custom quote, simply contact us directly using the details in the next section. From there we'll be able to dive into what you actually need, so that we can create a customized solution that will be crafted to suit your unique needs.

Let's chat!

I'd love to meet you in person over a coffee or virtually via Zoom to discuss your design needs.